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Last updated: 2nd April 2019

Flow of External Resources into Bangladesh 2017-2018

Published/Approve Date: 10/02/2019  
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Preface                                       PDF
Acronyms and Abbreviations    PDF
Currencies PDF
Definitions     PDF
Donor Code Number PDF
Methodology PDF
Overview PDF
Executive Summary PDF
Table of Contents PDF
Overview  PDF
1.0    Foreign Aid to Bangladesh at a Glance a_/(1971/72-2017/18)        PDF
2.1-2 Development partnerwise Opening Pipline and Commitments of Foreign Aid During (2017/18) PDF
3.0   Summary of Aid Commitment and Disbursement (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
3.1   Food Aid (Quantity) Yearwise Commitments and Disbursements (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
3.2   Food Aid (Value): Yearwise Commitments and Disbursements (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
3.3   Commodity Aid : Year-wise Commitments and Disbursements (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
3.4   Project Aid:Year-wise Commitments and Disbursements (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
3.5   Disbursement Percentage of Commodity Aid over Opening Pipeline and total availability (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
3.6   Disbursement Percentage of Project Aid over Opening Pipeline and Total Availability (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
3.7   Disbursement of Project by sector (1971/72-2017/18 PDF
3.8   Commitment and Disbursement of Foreign Aid by Purpose and Type (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
3.9   Year-wise Disbursements by Type, Source and Purpose (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
3.10  Changing Pattern of Aid Disbursement (1971/72-2017/18)             PDF
3.11  Aging of Project Aid Pipelines as of 30 June 2018 PDF
3.12  Detailed Commitment by Development partner during July 2017 – June 2018 PDF
4.1   Commitments and Disbursements of Food Aid by Development partners (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
4.2   Commitments and Disbursements of commodity Aid by Development partner (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
4.3   Commitment and Disbursement of  project Aid by Development partners (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
5.0   Summary of and Disbursement of 20 Mejor Development Partners (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
5.1-30 Commitment and Disbursement of Foreign AID Suppliers/Buyer's Credit (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
6.0 Commitment and Disbursement of Grants-2017/18 (closed) PDF
7.0    Development Partnerwise Position of External Debt as of 30 june 2018 PDF
7.0.1 Statement of External Debt by Development Partners 2017/18    PDF
7.0.2  Statement of Debt Outstanding by Currency as of 30 June 2018 PDF
7.1    Yearwise Statement of External Debt (1971/72-2017/18) PDF
7.2    Commitment, Disbursement and Repayment of External (ODA) Loans (active) up to 30 June 2018 PDF
7.2.1 Commitment, Disbursement and Repayment of External (ODA) Loans (closed) up to 30 June 2018 PDF
7.3    Commitment, Disbursement and Repayment of  Suppliers/Buyers Credit up to 30 June 2018 PDF
7.3.1 Commitment, Disbursement and Repayment of  Suppliers/Buyers Credit up to 30 June 2018 (closed) PDF
8.0    Assumed Past Debt Liability of Visibly Located Projects in Bangladesh                           PDF
8.1    Assumed Debt Liability for Pre-Liberation On going Projects    PDF
8.2    Summary of Hard-Term Loan Outstanding as of 30 June 2018 PDF
8.3    Development partner-wise Details of  Hard-Term Borrowings up to 30 June 2018 PDF
8.4    Debt Converted into Grants by Development Partners and  Debt Relief Grants Assistance (DRGA) from Japan up to  30 June 2018 PDF
9.0   Year-wise Statement of Debt Service Payments (1971/72-2017/18           PDF
9.1   Debt Service Budget and Actual Payment by  Development Partner during Financial Year 2017/18 PDF
10.0  Bangladesh : Position of External Debt (1974/75-2017/18) PDF
11.0  Debt Service Obligations to IMF (1972/73-2017/18)     PDF
12.0  Flow of Foreign Grant Fund through NGO Affairs Bureau PDF
13.0  Bangladesh Balance of Payments (2005/2006-2017/18)   PDF
14.0  Bangladesh - Selected Economic Indicators     PDF
15.0  Net Official Development Assistance by DAC countries    PDF
16.0  Exchange Rates- Per US$  PDF
17.0 Annual Development Programme (ADP)- Yearwise Original & Revised Allocation and Utilization, PDF


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