Economic Relations Division Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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Last updated: 9th January 2017

Organizational Structure

The organization of work in ERD is divided into Ten Wings. Each Wing has a number of Branches. A Branch is considered as a self-contained unit which again consisits of a number of Desks/Sections.

There are six categories of branches which are organized on the basis of specific areas of responsibilities as follows:

Programming: There are Branches based on specific development partners, countries and agencies. These Branches are responsible for promotion of economic cooperation with development partners falling within the sphere of their responsibilities.
Administration and General Services: for administrative and support service works
Coordination: for coordination works
External Economic Policy (EEP): for Policy and research matters
Foreign Aid Budget and Accounts (FABA): for Foreign Aid Accounts
Fellowship and Foundation (F&F): To mobilize foreign trainings and higher education fellowships programmes.

Detail information about the functions and activities of the Wings, Branches and Sections are furnished in hiararchial fashion in the following links:

Wing-1: America and Japan
Wing-2: World Bank
Wing-3: Administration and Middle East
Wing-4: United Nations
Wing-5: Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Wing-6: Cordination and NORDIC
Wing-7: Europe
Wing-8: Asia and JEC, Fellowship and Foundation
Wing 9: Foreign Aid Budget and Accounts
Wing-10: Development Effectiveness

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