Economic Relations Division Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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Last updated: 15th October 2017

Annual Report 2016-17

Table of Content

Minister's Message 
State Minister's Message
Preface by the Secretary
Message of  the AddlSecy & Convenor 

Annual Report Editorial Committee

Chapter:1 Introduction to Economic Relations Divistion (ERD)

Activites of Economic Relations Division
Foreign Aid Management Senario

Chapter:2 Wing-wise activities of Economic Relations Division (ERD)

Wing-1 America & Japan
Wing-2 World Bank
Wing-3 Admin & Middle East
Wing-4 United Nations
Wing-5 Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Wing-6 Coordination & Nordic
Wing-7 Europe
Wing-8 Asia, JEC and F&F
Wing-9 Foreign Aid Budget & Accounts (FABA)
wing-10 Development Effectiveness

Chapter:3 Government Own Companies under ERD

Chapter:4  Other Activities of ERD

a) Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related activities;
b) Innovation Team
c) Right to Information Act
d) Knowledge Management Cell

Chapter:5 Ongoing Projects of ERD

a) Japan Human Resource Development Scolarship Programme Project
b) Central Coordination Unit of the Private Sector Development Support Project
c) Support Impletation of the Revinew Mobilization Programme for Result -
VAT Improvement Programme (SIRMPR) VIP (Vat Online Project) Project

d) Knowledge for Developement Management (K4DM) Project
e) Strengthen External  Aid Management Capacity (SEAMC) Project

Chapter:6 Annexes

Annex-1 : Commitment for FY 2015-16
Annex-2 : Disbursement for FY 2015-16
Annex-3 : Sector-wise RADP Allocation for FY 2015-16 
Annex-4 : Ministry-wise RADP Allocation for FY 2015-16

List of Foreign Aided ongoing Projects

Annex-5 : Wing-1 (America & Japan)
Annex-6 : Wing-2: (World Bank)
Annex-7 : Wing-3: (Medle East)
Annex-8 : Wing-4: (United Nations)
Annex-9 : Wing-5: (ADB)
Annex-10 : Wing-6: (Nordic)
Annex-11 : Wing-7: (Europe)
Annex-12 : Wing-8: (Asia)

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