Economic Relations Division Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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Tender Archive

Sl. No Title Published Date Download
1 Quotation for furniture repairing 2015-04-20
Quatetion-for-furniture (1).pdf
2 Quotation for Desktop computer, Laptop Computer, Furniture, Heavy Duty Photocopier, and Rent a car 2015-04-02
Quotation_for_Desktop_computer_Laptop_computer_furniture_Rent a car (1).pdf
3 Quotation for rent 100GB web space 2015-04-02
Rent 100GB_web space  (1).pdf
4 Quotation For 4th_class_employee_dress 2015-03-29
Quotation For 4th_class_employee_dress (1).pdf
5 Quotation for Annual Report FY 2013-2014 2015-03-12
Quetation Annual Report Notice (2).pdf
6 Quotation for A4 size offset paper procurement 2015-03-12
Quatetion A-4 Paper Notice (1).pdf
7 Quotation for TV, Freeze procurement 2015-03-12
TV_Freeze (1).pdf
8 panasonic Intercom system
quotation_for_150115 (1).pdf
9 Quotation for 100GB web space
Web_space (1).pdf

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