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Press Release

21 An agreement has been signed between the GoB and KfW Development Bank amounting to 137.5 million Euro for the Project "Efficiency Improvement in Grid-based Power Supply"on 03 May 2016 in Germany.
PR_English_for EIGPS_Europe.pdf
22 An agreement has been signed between the GoB and KFAED amounting to 50.00 million US$ for the Project "Construction of Labukhali Bridge on Barishal-Patuakhali Road" Project on 04 May 2016
PR__English_for KFAED.pdf PR_Bangla_for KDAED_M.E.pdf
23 2 billion US$ Soft Loan Agreement has been Signed Between the Government of Bangladesh and the Government of India
PR_India_English_090316.pdf PR_India_Bangla_090316.pdf
24 জাপান সরকারের এর সাথে বাংলাদেশ সরকারের ৪৯০ মিলিয়ন জাপানিজ ইয়েন এর চুক্তি স্বাক্ষরিত হয়েছে
japan_english0902016.pdf Japan_bangla_0902016.pdf
25 World Bank will provide 100 million US$
PR_English_210116.pdf PR_Bangla_210116.pdf
26 Global Partnership for Educaion (GPE) will provide 100 million US$
PR_English5116.pdf PR_ Bangla 5116.pdf
27 Asian Development Bank (ADB) will Provide US$ 45 million and 07 million US$
PR_ADB141215_English.pdf PR_ADBB141215_Bangla.pdf
28 The Government of Japan will Provide an amount of Japaness Yen 133.265 million for ODA Loan Pakage for the following six project
PR_131215_Japan_English.pdf PR 131215_japan_Bangla.pdf
29 Food and Agricultural Organization will provide USD 299,000
30 The Government of the Republic of Korea will provide 350 million USD
FA Press Release.pdf
31 Bangladesh Development Forum COMMUNIQUE' 15-16 November 2015
Bangladesh_Development_Forum 2015.pdf
32 Food and Acricultural Organization (FAO) will provide 408,496 USD
FAO_Press_Releas_11115.pdf FAO_Press_Releas.pdf
33 European Investment Bank (EIB) will provide 135 million Euro
PR_Europe_151015_Bangla.pdf PR_English_Europe_151015.pdf
34 KOICA will provide 8.5 million US$
PR KOICA English (7.9.15).pdf PR KOICA Bangla (7.9.15)0001.pdf
35 Governmet of Bangladesh and World Bank Signed an Agreement worth 300 Million US$ to implement Financial Sector Support Project
Press Release Bangla 30.6.150001.pdf Press Release 30.6.15 English0001.pdf
36 Financing agreement for US$ 173 million with World Bank
PR_English_IDA_300615 (1).pdf PR_Bangla_IDA_300615 (2).pdf
37 Two Loan Agreements of US$ 505 million has signed with the Asian Development Bank
Press Release 28.6.150001.pdf Press Release English 28.6.150001.pdf
38 The Government of Japan will provide 2881 japaness Yen (equivalent to approximately Taka 186.26 core)
PR_Japan_English_240615.pdf PR_Japan-Bangla_240615.pdf
39 Asian Development Bank will provide 120 million US$
PR-English-ADB080615.pdf PR-Bangla-ADB080615.pdf
40 The Government of China will provide 82.00 million RMB million Yuan
PR-China-English240515.pdf PR-China -Bangla240515.pdf

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