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161 Recruitment Notice of Assistant Programmer 28-10-2015 Download:
Recruitment of Assistant Programmer.pdf
162 GO_Foreign_Visit_04-06_November_2015_Kampala_Uganda_Joint Secretary_Shib_Nath_Roy 28-10-2015 Download:
GO for Joint _Secretary_Shib_Nath_Roy.pdf
163 GO_for_Workshop_Siem,Reap_Cambodia_02-04_November_2015_Senior_Assistant_Secretary_Ms. Saleha Binte Siraj 27-10-2015 Download:
GO. for  Saleha_Binte_Siraj_SAS_UN3.pdf
164 GO_Foreign_Visit_Thailand_25-31_October_2015 26-10-2015 Download:
165 GO_for_Regional_Workshop_Bali_Indonesia_26-29_October_2015_Additional_Secretary_Ms.Mahmuda Begum 22-10-2015 Download:
GO for Additional Secretary Mahmuda Begum.pdf
166 GO_Foreign_Visit_Jakarta_Indonesia_03-04_November_2015_Additional Secretary_Mr. Mohammad Asif-uz-zaman 21-10-2015 Download:
167 Japan-IMF Macroeconomic Seminar for Asia (JIMS) 19-10-2015 Download:
168 Notification for Extension of Deadline of Applicaiton for JDS programme Under The 15th Batch 18-10-2015 Download:
Masters Programme for 15th batch0001.pdf
169 Notification of Award for Video Confirancing Equipment 18-10-2015 Download:
Notification of Award for video confirencing euipment.pdf
170 European Investment Bank (EIB) will provide 135 million Euro 18-10-2015 Download:
PR_English_Europe_151015.pdf PR_Bangla_Europe_151015.pdf
171 Notification of Award for Server and Router 18-10-2015 Download:
Notification of Award for Server and Router.pdf
172 BDF-2015: Draft Agenda 15-10-2015 Download:
Draft Agenda
173 BDF 2015, will take place on 15 and 16 November 2015 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Dhaka 15-10-2015 Download:
Brief on BDF.pdf Draft Agenda for BDF 2015_12_10_2015.pdf
174 GO_Foreign_Workshop_Singapore_Deputy_Secretary_Mr. Md. Waliullah Mia 12-10-2015 Download:
G.O._for_Deputy_Secretary_Waliullah_Miah .pdf
175 GO_Foreign_Training_Republic of Korea_Senior_Assistant_Secretary_Mr. Muhammed Badrul Haque 08-10-2015 Download:
GO for SAS Muhammed Badrul Haque.pdf
176 Open Tender for Publishing Suvenir Protissruti 06-10-2015 Download:
Protissruti Cover.pdf
177 Auction Adverivesment for Old Furniture 04-10-2015 Download:
Auction for old goods041015.pdf
178 GO_Foreign_Visit_Beijing_China_14_October_10_November_2015 22-09-2015 Download:
FV_Lutfer& Mahfuz_China.pdf
179 GO_Foreign_Visit_Frankfurt_Germany_Additional_Secretary_28-29 September 2015 22-09-2015 Download:
180 Notification of award for Suply of Man power VAT online project ERD 21-09-2015 Download:
Notification Award for suply Man power.pdf

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