Economic Relations Division Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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161 Country Dialogue on Using and Strengthening Local Systems in Bangladesh 13-12-2015 Download:
23 nov 2015 ToR Country dialogues BANGLADESH Facilitator cons.pdf 23 nov 2015 ToR Country dialogues BANGLADESH Research cons.pdf
162 GO_for_Deputy_Secretary_Mr.Mohammad_Iftekhar_Hossain_to attend the_Training_Course on"External Debt Statistics" held In Washington DC USA during 08-19 February 2016 07-12-2015 Download:
GO for Deputy Secretary Iftekhar Hossain.pdf
163 A Framework Agreement has been signed between the The Government of Republic of Korea and The Government of Bangladesh to obtain Loans from the Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF). Loan Ammount 350,000,000 million US$ for the years 2015-2017 06-12-2015 Download:
framwork agreement with Korea.pdf
164 Re-Auction Notice for Old Furniture 03-12-2015 Download:
Re-Auction Notice for old furniture.pdf
165 Open Tender for External Resources into Bangladesh of 30 June 2015 03-12-2015 Download:
166 Request for Quotation Document (National) For Procurement of Furnture 01-12-2015 Download:
Request for Quotation Document (National) For Procurement of Furnture.pdf
167 Request for Quotation Document (National) for Procurement of Polo Shirt Cap for Publicity Purpose 01-12-2015 Download:
RQD (National) for Procurement of Polo Shirt Cap for Publicity Purpose.pdf
168 Result of Bangladesh-Sweden Trust Fund Travel Grand-2014 01-12-2015 Download:
Selected Candidate_List of BSTF_2014.pdf BSTF Notice 2014_BN.pdf
169 Food and Agricultural Organization will provide USD 299,000 01-12-2015 Download:
170 Recruitment Notice of Economic Minister, Bangladesh Embassy Tokyo, Japan 29-11-2015 Download:
Recruitment notice of EM Japan.pdf
171 Recruitment Notice of Economic Councilor, Bangladesh Embassy Beijing, China 29-11-2015 Download:
Recruitment notice of EC china .pdf
172 GO_for Foreign_Visit_Md._Ruhul_Amin_Deputy Secretary_ERD_to Attend_Workshop on "13th Official Development Assistance (ODA)" to be_held in_Tokyo,Japan_09-10 December 2015 25-11-2015 Download:
G.O. for Ruhul Amin_Deputy Secretary.pdf
173 GO_for Foreign_Visit_Md._Ashadul_Islam_Additional_Secretary_ERD_to Attend_The 21th_Conference of Parties on_UNFCCC and GCF_to be_held in_Paris, France_30 November to 06 December 2015 23-11-2015 Download:
G.O.For_Asadul_Islam Additional Secretary.pdf
174 GO_for Foreign_Visit_Ms_Fatima_Yasmin_Joint_Secretary_ERD_to Attend_The Meeting on "South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) to be_held in_Tokyo,Japan_25-26 November 2015 23-11-2015 Download:
G.O. For_Fatima_Yasmin Joint Secretary.pdf
175 The Government of the Republic of Korea will provide 350 million USD 22-11-2015 Download:
FA Press Release.pdf
176 GO_for Foreign_Visit_for_Kazi_Enamul_Hassan_Deputy_Secretary_ERD_to Attend_Training_Course_held Daegu, Republic of Korea 24-27 November 2015 19-11-2015 Download:
GO for kazi Enamul hassan.pdf
177 GO_for Foreign Visit _Seoul, Republic of Korea_to Attend_GPEDC_Learning_Accelerating_Program__18-24_November 2015 19-11-2015 Download:
G.O for ERD Officials.pdf
178 GO_for Foreign_Visit_for Mr. Monowar_Ahmed_Additional_Secretary_ERD to_Attend_Steering_Committee_On_International_Aid_Transparency_Initiative (IATI) held in UN City, Copenhagen, Denmark 2-3 December 2015 19-11-2015 Download:
GO for Steering Committee.pdf
179 GO_for Foreign_Visit_to_Attend_Annual_Workshop_for The Least_Development_Countries (LDCs) Brussels Belgium 7-8 December 2015 19-11-2015 Download:
180 Bangladesh Development Forum COMMUNIQUE' 15-16 November 2015 18-11-2015 Download:
Bangladesh_Development_Forum COMMIUNIQUE' 2015.pdf

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