Economic Relations Division Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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101 GO_for_Additional_Secretary_Mr. Muhammad_Alkama_siddique_to_attend the 49th_Annual_Meeting_of_"National_Focal_Points of_ Least_Development_Countries (LDC)" on 27 March 2016 and 28-31 March 2016 to be held in New York, USA 21-03-2016 Download:
102 GO_for_Delegation_to_attend the 49th_Annual_Meeting_of_Board of_Governors of Asian_Development_Bank" to be held in Frankfurt_Germany_during_2-5_May_2016 10-03-2016 Download:
G.O_FM & Others_Officials_Germany_2-5 May2016.pdf
103 2 billion US$ Soft Loan Agreement has been Signed Between the Government of Bangladesh and the Government of India 09-03-2016 Download:
PR_India_English_090316.pdf PR_India_Bangla_090316.pdf
104 Invitation Tender for supply Server and Oracle Database 08-03-2016 Download:
Invitaiton tender for server 080316.pdf
105 Go_JC_Dr_Md_Mustafizur_Rahman_&_SAS_Roksana_Khan_ Bangkok_Thailand 03-03-2016 Download:
106 ২০১৬-২০১৭ অর্থ বছরের বার্ষিক উন্নয়ন কর্মসূচি এডিপি) প্রণয়নের লক্ষ্যে বৈদেশিক সাহয্যপুষ্ট সকল চলতি ও অনুমোদিত নতুন প্রকল্পসমূহের প্রকল্প সাহায্য বরাদ্দ প্রাক্কলন নির্ধারনের জন্য তথ্য প্ররণ। 01-03-2016 Download:
107 GO_for_Senior_Assistant_Chief_Mrs._Masuma_Akter & Assistant_Seretary_Mr.Md. Abdur_Rahman_to_attend the_Seminar on "Construction of Economic Development Area for Bangladesh" to be held in China_during 01-21 March_2016 25-02-2016 Download:
G.O_ for SAC_Masuma_Akter_&_AS_Abdur rahman.pdf
108 Swedish Government will provide SEK 1.6 billion Equivalent BDT 1408 Core 24-02-2016 Download:
PR_English_Nordic_24-02-16.pdf PR_Bangla_Nordic_24-02-16.pdf
109 GO_Saifuddin_Ahmed_JS_&_Delegation_Colombo_Sri_Lanka_1_March 22-02-2016 Download:
GO_Saifuddin_JS_&_Mst_Rabeya Akter_SAS.pdf
110 GO_HSM_Mr. M.A.Mannan_&_Delegation_South_Korea 22-02-2016 Download:
111 কোটেশন দরপত্র বিজ্ঞপ্তি টোনার ও স্টেশনারি মালামাল ক্রয় সংক্রান্ত 10-02-2016 Download:
Quatation for toner & stationary.pdf
112 জাপান সরকারের এর সাথে বাংলাদেশ সরকারের ৪৯০ মিলিয়ন জাপানিজ ইয়েন এর চুক্তি স্বাক্ষরিত হয়েছে 09-02-2016 Download:
japan_english0902016.pdf Japan_bangla_0902016.pdf
113 GO_for_Additional_Secretary_Ms. Shamima Nargis_to_attend the_"Second Bankok Regional Workshop on Low Carbon Technology Transfer and Diffusion" to be held in_Bankok_during 23-24 February 2016 08-02-2016 Download:
GO_for_additional_secretary_Shamima Nargis.pdf
114 GO_for_Senior_Secretary_Mejbahuddin_to_attend a policy_level Meeting and exchange of views with high officials of Hawai'i Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) on "worldwide energy & climate change related tecnological implementation" to be held in University of Hawai 'i USA during 14-17 February 2016 08-02-2016 Download:
115 GO_for_Joint Secretary_Mr. Aftab_Ahmad and Deputy Seretary_ Dr. Md. Rezaul Bashar Siddique_to_attend the_ Meeting on "Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) to be held in Lilongwe,Malawi_during 29_February to 1 March 2016 08-02-2016 Download:
GO_for_Js_Aftab Ahmad & Ds_Rezaul Bashar.pdf
116 GO_for_Assistant_Chief_Nawsher Ahmed Sikder_to_attend the_"citi 13th Annual Asia Pacific Invesor conference 2016" to be held in _Hong Kong_during 17-18 February 2016 08-02-2016 Download:
117 Notification Award of Contract 07-02-2016 Download:
Award of Contract.pdf
118 GO_for_Additional_Secretary_Ashadul_Islam_to_attend the_United_Nations_Development_Programme's (UNDP)_fifty year_anniversary_celebrations to_be_held_on_New York, USA_24_February_2016 04-02-2016 Download:
G.O. For Addl_Asadul_Islam.pdf
119 GO_for_Additional_Secretary_Alkama_Siddiqui_to attend the_Meeting_on_Retreat of Group_of_Friends_of_Monterrey_to_follow_up_Addis_Ababa_Action_Agenda"_to be_held_on_Maxico_City_during 28-29 February 2016 24-01-2016 Download:
120 World Bank will provide 100 million US$ 21-01-2016 Download:
PR_English_210116.pdf PR_Bangla_210116.pdf

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