Economic Relations Division Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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201 GO_Foreign_Workshop_Singapore_Deputy_Secretary_Mr. Md. Waliullah Mia 12-10-2015 Download:
G.O._for_Deputy_Secretary_Waliullah_Miah .pdf
202 GO_Foreign_Training_Republic of Korea_Senior_Assistant_Secretary_Mr. Muhammed Badrul Haque 08-10-2015 Download:
GO for SAS Muhammed Badrul Haque.pdf
203 Open Tender for Publishing Suvenir Protissruti 06-10-2015 Download:
Protissruti Cover.pdf
204 Auction Adverivesment for Old Furniture 04-10-2015 Download:
Auction for old goods041015.pdf
205 GO_Foreign_Visit_Beijing_China_14_October_10_November_2015 22-09-2015 Download:
FV_Lutfer& Mahfuz_China.pdf
206 GO_Foreign_Visit_Frankfurt_Germany_Additional_Secretary_28-29 September 2015 22-09-2015 Download:
207 Notification of award for Suply of Man power VAT online project ERD 21-09-2015 Download:
Notification Award for suply Man power.pdf
208 Auction Adverivesment for Old Furniture 09-09-2015 Download:
209 GO Foreign Visit Phonm Penh, Cambodia on 28-29 September 2015, Sharing Program on "Aid Information Management System (AIMS)" 15-09-2015 Download:
GO Foreign Visit Cambodia.pdf
210 Announcement of a Ph.D. Program at GRIPS (G-cube) 10-09-2015 Download:
211 GO_Foreign_Visit_Seoul_Republic_of_Korea_16-17_September_2015_Additional_Secretary_Mr. Md. Ashadul Islam 09-09-2015 Download:
GO_Foreign_Visit_Korea_Asadul Islam, additional Secretay(UN) ERD.pdf
212 KOICA will provide 8.5 million US$ 07-09-2015 Download:
PR KOICA English (7.9.15).pdf PR KOICA Bangla (7.9.15)0001(1).pdf
213 GO_Foreign_Training_on_Local_Capacity_Building & Community_Empowerment_(LCBCE) 07-09-2015 Download:
GO_Training_on_Local_Capacity_Building & Community_Empowerment_(LCBCE).pdf
214 Open Tender (Video Conferencing, Software, Server with Accessories) 01-09-2015 Download:
দরপত্র বিজ্ঞপ্তি_বিশ্বব্যাক৪.jpg
215 GO_Foreign_Visit_Annual_Meeting_WB_IMF 31-08-2015 Download:
GO for attending annual meeting held on Lima, Peru  WB & IMF.pdf
216 GO_Foreign_Visit_France_31 August-01_September_2015_Additional Secretary_Mr. Monowar Ahmed 20-08-2015 Download:
GO for Additional Secretary Monowar Ahmed.pdf
217 GO_Foreign_Visit_Philippines_15-17_September_2015_DS_Mohammad Nazim Uddin 16-08-2015 Download:
GO for Deputy Secretary Mohammad Nazim Uddin.pdf
218 Notification of award for vehicle rent (Microbus) 13-08-2015 Download:
Notification of award for microbus.pdf
219 GO_Foreign_Visit_Japan_06-17_September_2015_DS_Md_Ruhul_Amin 12-08-2015 Download:
GO foreign visit.pdf
220 Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship 25-06-2015 Download:
Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship- Tokai University of Japan.pdf

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