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Flow of External Resources into Bangladesh 2012-2013



"Flow of External Resources into Bangladesh" - the flagship publication of Economic Relations Division (ERD), is considered as a magnum opus in the area of government’s publications for its rich information trove. I am happy to know that ERD is publishing the thirty-sixth edition of this publication. The trends in external resources mobilization reveals a significant increase in commitment of aid by major development partners which resulted in some sort of pipeline bulge. Efforts are being made to accelerate the utilization of pipeline aid by removing procedural bottleneck and strengthening implementation monitoring by ERD, implementing agencies and Development Partners. As a result foreign aid disbursement reached a record level in FY 2012-13.  At the same time, a prudent borrowing policy focusing on mobilizing grants and concessional loans continues to be the keystone of the country’s foreign aid policy thereby enabling external debt of Bangladesh to stay within a comfort zone.         

2. In order to make the document more user friendly, the overview is restructured by organizing it into five different parts containing information on resource flow, selected macro-economic indicators and analysis of external debt portfolio.  In the process, overview of the book has been made more meaningful and attractive with colored graphs. In addition, methodology of compilation of data and executive summary of this document offer greater clarity of understanding of the data presented.  I am pretty sure that this publication will be useful to the policy makers, researchers, academics, students and other readership in their work. I hope that ERD would continue publishing this document and at the same time make every effort to improve its scope, analysis and presentation of data.

3. Resource flows from multilateral and bilateral development partners and servicing of loan information of government is presented in this publication. A summary data on borrowings from International Monetary Fund (IMF), external debts of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and grants extended to the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) are also recorded at aggregate levels in this book. Public debt relating to defense establishment and private sector debt remain outside the remit of the publication. The publication is put together on the basis of information available with ERD and supplemented, where necessary, by the reports of the development partners, project directors, the Bangladesh Bank and other corporate bodies. Some figures shown in the report may need to be revised, based on feedback from the development partners.

4. The external aid flow book is an outcome of hard work meticulously put in by officers and staff of Foreign Aid Budget and Accounts (FABA) Wing of ERD. Suggestions for further improvement of the publication are most welcome. If any discrepancy comes to the notice of the readership or any clarification is needed, ERD may please be contacted at www.erd.gov.bd.

Abul Maal A. Muhith
Minister for Finance

Date: 11 February 2014

Table of Contents: 

Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive Summary and Methodol




Section-II: Aid Commitment and Disbursement

1.0 Foreign Aid to Bangladesh at a Glance:(1971/72-2012/2013)
2.1-2  Development Partnerwise Summary of Commitment of Foreign Aid (2012/2013)
3.0 Summary of Aid Commitment and Disbursement (1971/72-2012/2013)
3.1 Food Aid (Quantity)Summary of Commitment and Disbursement (1971/72-2012/2013)
3.2 FOOD AID (VALUE) :Yearwise Commitment and Disbursments
3.3  Commodity Aid : Yearwise Summary of Commitment and Disbursement (1971/72-2012/2013)
3.4  Project Aid: Yearwise Summary of Commitment and Disbursement(1971/72-2012/2013)
3.5 Disbursment percentage of project Aid Over Opening Pipeline And Total Availability (1971/72-2012/2013)
3.6 Disbursment Percentage Of Project Aid Over (1971/72-2012/2013(1971/72-2012/2013)

3.7 Commitment and Disbursement of Foreign Aid by Purpose and Type(1971/72-2012/2013)
3.8  Commitment And  Disbursment of  Foreign Aid by Purpose And Type
3.9  Yearwise Disbursements by Type, Source and Purpose  (1971/72-2012/2013)
3.10 Changing pattern of Aid Disbursement (1971/72-2012/2013)
3.11   Aging of Project Aid Pipelines as of 30 June 2013
3.12 Detailed Commitment by Development Partner during July 2012 – June 2013

Section-III: Development Partnerwise Details Aid Flows 

4.1 Summary of Commitment and Disbursement of Food by Development Partner (1971/72-2012/13)

4.2 Summary of Commitment and Disbursement of Commodity Aid by Development Partner (1971/72-2012/13)
4.3 Summary of Commitment and Disbursement of Project Aid by Development Partner (1971/72-2012/13) 
5.0 Summary of Disbursement of  20 Major Development Partner (1971/72-2012/13)
5.1 -5.39 Commitment and Disbursement (Partnerwise)

Section-IV: Grants By Development Partner
6.0 Commitment and Disbursement of Grants (Development Partnerwise) for 2012/2013

Section-V: External Debt 

7.0  Development Partner Position of External Debt as of 30 June 2013
7.0.1 Statement of External Debt by Development Partner 2012-2013
7.0.2 Statement of Debt Outstanding by Currency as of 30 June 2013
7.1 Yearwise Statement of External Debt (1971/72-2012/2013)
7.2  Commitment Disbursement and Repayment of External (ODA) Loans up to 30 June 2013(Active)
7.2.1  Commitment, Disbursement and Repayment of External (ODA) Loans up to 30 June 2013(Closed)
7.3 Commitment, Disbursement and Repayment of Suppliers Credit upto 30 June 2013 (Active)
7.3.1 Commitment, Disbursement and Repayment of Suppliers Credit upto 30 June 2013 (Closed) 
8.0 nbsp; Assumed Past Debt Liability of Visibly Located Completed Projects in Bangladesh
8.1 Assumed Liability for Pre-Liberation on going projects 
8.2 Summary of Hard Term Loan Outstanding as of 30 June 201
8.3 Development Partnerwise Details of Hard Term Borrowings upto 30 June 2013

8.4 Debt Converted into Grants by Development Partner and Debt Relief Grants (DRG) from Japan upto 30 June 2013
9.0 Yearwise Statement of Debt Service Payments

9.1   Debt Service Budget and Actual Payment by Development Partner during FY2012/2013

10.0   Bangladesh : Position of External Debt (1973/74-2012/2013)
11.0  Debt Service Obligations to IMF (1972/73-2012/2013)
12.0  Bangladesh Balance of Payments (1995/96-2012/2013)

Section-VI: Others

13.0   Bangladesh Balance of paymnts
14.0   Average Exchange Rates Per US Dollar
15.0   Net Official Development Assistance by DAC Countries
16.0-18   Exchange Rates Per US Dollar

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