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Mohd. Abdus Sobhan
Systems Analyst
Shere Bangla Nagar
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ERD provides Scholarship and Fellowship such as Programming and Management of fellowships, scholarship and foreign training offers from bilateral and multilateral sources including liaison with Asia Foundation, Ford Foundation, British Council, IRDC and ADC. Scholarships and Fellowships are provide according to liaison with Allocation Committee, Selection Committee VII particularly Ministry of Establishment and other Ministry/Division concerned. And these Scholarships and Fellowships are Offer of technical assistance by Bangladesh.

Travel Grant

A fund titled “Sweden- Bangladesh Trust Fund” was constituted in 1984 with the financial assistance of Government of Sweden. The main purpose of this fund is to provide one way travel grant to those student who have gone abroad for higher studies with scholarship but unable to bear the travel cost due to financial constraints.

Eligibility of the candidate:
(1)    Those Bangladeshi Students who got admission into foreign university/Institute for higher studies (Under Graduate/Post Graduate) with scholarship(full or part)
(2)    The academic year is usually to be considered as October- September.
(3)    The applicant did not receive any travel grant under Bangladesh-Sweden Trust Fund earlier, of from any other sources.
(4)    The persons having third class/equivalent GPA are not eligible to apply.
(5)    The applicant should have TOEFL/IELTS/SAT/GRE score.
(6)    Priority is to be given to those subjects which have much contribution to economic as well as socio-economic development of the country.

 The advertisements are normally published in the daily Bangla and English Newspaper. The same advertisement will be available in this website under this section.

Travel Grant from Bangladesh-Sweden Trust Fund:

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